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Flicks by Chicks Film Festival

After attending this festival last evening, sponsored by Women in Film Dallas, we came away impressed by the quality of the selections. The shorts screened were: ANDROMEDA, Director: Emily Dean; A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO SHOES, Director: Robyn Grace; CANDLE MAGIC, Director: Alix Bannon; DIFFERENT THIS YEAR, Director: Meghann Artes; GOOD GIRLS DON’T, Director: Ana de Lara; HEATHER HAS FOUR MOMS, Director: Jeanette Buck; MY MOTHER’S EYES, Director: Jenny Wright; SIX PACK, Director: Madeline Mack; SUPERMARKET, Director: Rhonda Mitrani and TIGHTLY WOUND, Director: Shelby Hadden. While we had no clear favorite, we recommend all the films for viewing by short film fans.

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