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This web site is the online home of Humphrey Edwards LLC. Company principals are James A. Humphrey and J.B. Edwards, who share over 80 years of film and video production experience.

James A. Humphrey began his film and video career in New York in 1973 working part-time and studying through Pratt Institute with the renown director, Bob Giraldi. Returning to Texas in 1974, he formed his own film production company producing commercials in Houston and South Texas. His dual interest in film and the art of painting blended during the following years of service with LTV Aerospace and Defense Company and the national organization, The Arc of the United States. Mr. Humphrey also writes screenplays which include "The Hawkline Monster," "Mom Makes Money," "Batter Up," "Padre's Pandora, and "Human Powdery Mildew."

J.B. Edwards is the Edwards of Humphrey Edwards LLC. When you begin life with just two initials, you’re destined for an interesting life. J.B. Edwards began as a world-traveling army brat, then a skilled corporate manager for decades. Suddenly, he re-channeled his life into his dream of professional acting. Three decades of commercial, regional theatre, network television, and feature films has made his one of those classic character faces. But he layered his acting with writing, producing, stage-managing, and directing for Fortune 1000 corporate conventions. This eclectic past has made for a present still ripe with creativity, today focusing on writing, acting, producing, and directing short dramatic films, that appear regularly on the international festival circuit. The only question with J.B. Edwards is always “what’s next?”


What’s next? Humphrey Edwards LLC is always interested in possible affiliations with other quality projects at any stage of production or distribution.

Thank you


Humphrey Edwards LLC, our crews, and casts recognize the creative contributions of Mr. David Pinkston whose talents made our films possible. The cinematographer and editor shot and cut all company projects. His skills and artistry are irreplaceable, and David’s friendship and enthusiasm transformed our productions. He capped his camera in September 2022.

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