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Coming soon - "One Cold Night in Virginia!"

Very soon, within weeks, we will premier our Civil War anti-war short film. Frustrated with the film festival circuit - the film was not accepted in any of 40 festivals entered - we are skipping the last several festivals entered and offering it to the public for their final opinion. Humphrey Edwards films is very proud of the short film. We consider it a powerful anti-war story featuring outstanding acting, exceptional night photography and a creative original music theme that expresses the mood of the film complimentary to its message and historical context. Completely conceived, produced, cast and crewed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the film was even ignored by Texas festivals. We think its good and do not understand its film festival selection failure but further griping would only be "sour grapes." You, the public, are the real judges. If you like the film, please say so on social media, recommend it to your friends, talk up it's qualities and help up prove the film's worth to ourselves and more importantly to you, the short film loving public.

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