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Story seems forgotten.

In this new world of cgi, bang-bang action, thrill-a-second movie making, story seems to be a forgotten recipe ingredient often buried by a "with it" political or social message. Many of the big national releases that make big bucks pander to basic human urges and stimulate their audiences by methods other than an emotional attachment to story. The trend is especially apparent in "shorts." If this is good or bad for filmmaking is very debatable but what is not debatable is the revenue these films produce. Many of today's content creators lament the passing of story as they haul cash to the bank and to a man/woman, they swear that the pendulum will or is in the process of swinging back. Hopefully, Humphrey Edwards Films believes in the importance of story and that the pendulum is swinging back. We don't follow a hero who confronts nothing in his/her grope for social acceptance.

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