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Have you ever read a screenplay?

"The Templar's Chest," by James A. Humphrey is now downloadable as a pdf from our "Tickets and More" tab. Read a free download of the first six pages as illustrated in our title image or download the entire script for a reasonable fee. The story's location is South Padre Island, Texas. The script tells the story of Carley Simpson, a Department of the Interior geologist, who inspects a water well and uncovers a chest, lost by a Medieval Knight Templar. She opens the chest and releases unspeakable evil into the world along with the chest's Keeper, a cannibalistic Karankawa Indian demon named White Eyes and his semi-human surrogates. Carley, with the help of a beach bum battles White Eyes to contain the evil in the chest and to save her kidnapped mother. This screenplay is for your reading pleasure only - any other use is a violation of United States copyright law.

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