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2017 Preview - A New Year

Last year was a good year. Humphrey Edwards Films produced two short films that we are very proud of. Some very talented people helped us create those films and at the same time, the Company contributed to their incomes and helped sustain the film making community. We established this website and explored the business of short films. These 2016 efforts began a Limited Liability Corporation formed early this year which lays a firm legal and business foundation for our future.

But, that's history. Welcome to the New Year! We do not know what it will bring but there are indicators. The company established an insurance production bed for two new films. We have opened and developed creative relationships with a community of creatives that we know, respect and trust. We look forward to 2017 and our New Year's resolution is to focus on quality work and build for the future.

May you all have a creative New Year! Thank you, Humphrey Edwards Films

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