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"The Young Volunteer" - the sound of the Civil War.

Presented by Humphrey Edwards LLC, “One Cold Night in Virginia” opens and closes with its haunting music theme “The Young Volunteer” written by the “bard of the Confederacy,” John Hill Hewitt.

The film’s original arrangement of “The Young Volunteer” was composed by Music Director, Richard Walsh, who also conducted and directed its performance.

Challenged by the film “to capture the musical feel of the Civil War and to illustrate the spirit of the times musically but at the same time to update Hewitt’s song with modern technology appropriate to the modern ear,” Richard Walsh met the challenge majestically.

His talents and musical training, along with his collection of superb musicians and vocalists, gifted the ghost of John Hill Hewitt and all those whose ears turn to the sounds of the Civil War with a haunting and poignant rendition of the authentic era-defining music.

Sheet music of Richard Walsh's powerful arrangement for trumpet, flute, violin, banjo, snare drum, harmonicas and with vocals will be available on this site for purchase soon.

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