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Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

Just returned from Pittsburgh and its film festival June 23-25. Wonderful experience! Immersed myself in films for the entire time. "One Cold Night in Virginia" was one of the films and I wish to thank everyone for their encouraging and complimentary comments. That was nice but my enjoyment focused on other's films. "The Parallel Game," directed by Eric Newland, caught my attention with its story of the beginnings of baseball and the foundations of baseball. "Circus City, USA," directed by Adam Wright, explored Hugo, Oklahoma, and its role as winter home for small circus. "My Name is Joan," directed by Margaret Costa, explored a woman's search for her birth mother in Ireland, a search that uncovered deplorable conditions of Catholic "unwed" mothers homes and conditions that some believe still exist today. I also enjoyed "A Promise of Time Travel," a feature directed by Craig Jessen that with a low-budget tightly told a big-budget story. Thank you, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival.

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