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Peek behind the camera with "One Cold Night in Virginia."

After three rain delays of a week or two each, “One Cold Night in Virginia” finally pulled into Isle du Bois Park of Lake Ray Roberts in May, 2016, to begin principal photography. The original shoot date was in February.

Arrival, Isle du Bois Unit, Lake Ray Roberts Park

The first arrival was a “cherry picker” pulled by Christian Humphrey’s F-150 pick up truck (thank you Chris for the use of the truck). This huge light stand would hoist the simulating moon lights 40 feet into the air, above the trees, to key light the shoot.

Texas Parks and Wildlife staff of Isle du Bois under the supervision of Mr. Mark Stewart issued park passes and gave us codes to operate park gates after hours which culminated months of gracious cooperation from Texas Parks and Wildlife without which our production would not have been possible. Thank you Mark and Texas Parks and Wildlife. In return for that cooperation our entire production vowed to disturb the park’s flora and fauna as minimally as possible.

JB Edwards, Producer, with 101st Reenactors

JB Edwards, the film’s executive and line producer, along with Mr. Bob Berry, the film’s logistical manager, arrived soon after and the shoot began to settle into well managed controlled tempo.

Bob Berry, Logistics Supervisor

Reenactors from the 101st Texas Reenactors, all to play casualties of war, arrived early. Brian Larsen served the project as Civil War Authenticity Consultant and additionally coordinated the reenactor extras. Early arrival insured the reenactors sufficient time with Special Effect Make Up Artist Mandy Marie Ochs for corpse make up.

Mandy Marie Ochs applies SFX make up in photo to your right.

David Pinkston, Director of Photography discusses issues with Mike Walker, Sound

By now and with afternoon light rapidly fading, crew pushed to finalize plans for the evening’s work.

Marie Travis, 1st Assistant Camera

David Pinkston, Director of Photography coordinated his creative vision with 1st Assistant Camera Marie Travis and Jhossep Flores as 2nd Assistant Camera.

Mike Walker, Sound, surveys the location

Mike Walker on Sound surveyed the location and Clayton Ballenger stoked up the generation of power. Taylor Valdez, script supervisor, consulted with the Director, James A. Humphrey and Noah Wilcox, Isiah Hughes and Drew Nelson assisted all with their preparations.

Late afternoon and through the night, these talented professionals focused on one goal, giving their best to create an entertaining and thought-provoking interpretation of the “One Cold Night in Virginia” story, a powerful exploration in the killing fields of Chancellorsville of a warrior’s soul, distorted by hate, but capable of finding humanity.

With a July, 2016, release into the film festival circuit, “One Cold Night in Virginia” will tour short film festivals for one year without a public release. After that tour, the film will be available to the public. Details will be published on this website.

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